Here is our online request page. You will see you have only 2 requests per hour available and a max of 12 in a day. That is a TON of requests. The main thing you need to know is that a request will only get played if a DJ in on the air. Sending a request in at 4 in the morning won’t get seen until much later in the day. So, if you hear a DJ on the air then feel free to log in to make a request. Oh, and any Hardcore/Metal bands can’t be played until 10pm. You can request it but the system won’t let us put them in until then. Rules is Rules. So, have fun sending us requests!

The best times to submit requests are Monday – Friday 10am-2pm during Tim’s show,Monday – Friday 2pm-7pm during Chris’ show and Monday – Friday 10pm to midnight for Dustin’s Hardcore/Metal show. Happy Requesting!


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