1. Love your station and listening to you now via our TV. Thought I would see if I could find you online. Really like alot of what you play and the variety. Not a big fan of the death metal style of music but whatever. Going to follow you and hope I can stay in touch when I am on the road as I am a concert technician and do alot of traveling.
    Going to sign up now so catch you later.

  2. How true it is!
    We need the Love only God gives.
    Why do we walk away as if we can do it alone?

    It “Falls Apart,” every time we turn our back on God.

  3. This track is so dope. Its on rotation on my favorite station 5 times a day and I’ve heard it for 9 months already. It still rocks. It’s Biblical. And thats Christian metal. Devin Rocks!

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