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The New Request page is here

We have finally made it happen! We have progressed into the 21st century. The BrokenFM Request page has arrived!

So, here’s how it works. You click the link and head to the page (you’ll see the request link at the top of this page), then you can either click on a letter and see what is offered or you can search by title or artist and see if we have what you’re looking for. It’s quite amazing! As soon as you make a request it pops a window up in front of the DJ and he can choose when to add it to the playlist. This brings me tot he next point. There has to be a DJ on the air for the song to get played. If you don’t hear one of us talking then odds are good no one will see your request. Here is the Schedule for you to know when good request times are: Tim – Mon. – Fri 9am to 2pm, Chris – 2pm – 7pm, and Dustin 10pm – 12am

Of course you can always Tweet @brokenfm, hit us up on Facebook, or even send us a text to 707-596-8359. All are great ways for you to send us a request. Thanks for listening and supporting us all these years and hang tight as we continue to improve what we do and how we get to interact with you!

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