Random Hero at The Will Call

On Aug 9th and 10th We had the awesome opportunity to hang out with some fantastic bands! One of those bands was Random Hero. We’ve been in many conversations with these guys about getting out to play in California and it finally happened Thanks to a new venue in Cotati[…]

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The New Request page is here

We have finally made it happen! We have progressed into the 21st century. The BrokenFM Request page has arrived! So, here’s how it works. You click the link and head to the page (you’ll see the request link at the top of this page), then you can either click on[…]

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Kevin Max on The Broken Record

A couple of years ago we got a chance to chat with Kevin Max along with Will McGuiness of Audio Adrenaline but recently we were able to catch up with Kevin and chat with him about “Jesus Freak” at 20, his new record Broken Temples and of course what would[…]

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