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“20 Bands Everyone Needs to Know”

So check this out, I was looking through my old Spotify playlists and I came across one I put together in December of 2013. A year and a half later, some of the bands on the list are doing some really cool things in the music industry. Walk with me for a minute as I go through the list one by on and recap about why I think each band is important in their own way, and after, I’ll give you my current top 5.

Also, if you have a spotify account, you’ll be able to click on the link below to jam some of my personal favorite songs by these artists. So let’s take a look! (Please note, not all of the bands are “Christian,” I’ll explain them individually)


20. Rebel Revive

Rebel Revive is a fun rock band from Southern California made up of a bunch of Jesus loving nerds. Would I still agree with them being on the list? Maybe. The band was working on some new music last I heard, and one of the raw samples I was able to listen to sounded AWESOME. If they don’t release new music by the end of this year, THEN I’ll take them off the list.

19. Vocal Few

Vocal Few is a band made up of a man and his wife. They write chill acoustic/folk music, with a rawness to it. Of the two EP’s they have out, “Tall Tree’s” is easily my favorite, with songs like “One Day Soon” that still rock me to my core.

18. My Epic

Today I would probably move My Epic to my top ten. My Epic is extremely easy to listen to. They are an “Acoustic” band that write and honest form of worship music. It doesn’t matter if you like the heaviest of metal, or the most mainstream rap, My Epic can be enjoyed for their musicianship or lyrical content equally.

17. Twenty One Pilots

TWENTY ONE PILOTS. Two years ago I was discovering this band and unintentionally becoming obsessed. Today: they release their brand new record “Blurryface” in just a few days. The band went from, literally, 10 fans at a show, to headlining major festivals and selling out every one of their shows. “Blurryface” has over 1,500 5 star reviews from listeners on Itunes, AND THE ALBUM HASN’T EVEN RELEASED YET. Twenty One Pilots jumps to number one on my list. If you take anything from this, go listen to Twenty One Pilots. Oh, and every song they write is a different genre.

16. Project 86

Project 86 is one of the most edgy rock bands I know of. Every song is just on the VERGE of being metal, every note sung by their vocalist is right on the edge of a scream. This is the band you go to if you like loud music, but are nervous to jump into the hardcore stuff. If you don’t know where to start, start here.

15. Dorean Lives

Dorean Lives is a melodic rock band started by ex members of a metal band. Musicianship is solid, but my favorite part is the ambient flow of vocals… Today, I would probably move them lower on the list.

14. Sent By Ravens

Sent by Ravens released two solid records, but sadly, the band ended before they peaked musically. When I put together this list initially, Sent By Ravens had just released their second record “Mean What You Say,” and had exceeded every expectation that fans had. Shortly after, however, the band announced their break-up. Honest, it still saddens me.

13. Everything In Slow Motion

Unlucky 13. is a melodic metal band called Everything in Slow Motion. The “band” however, is really just one guy. The original lead vocalist and guitarist of a band called “Hands” (raw, but powerful band), a man named Shane Ochsner put together the project as a way to finish what he started with Hands. So far the band has released one record: “Phoenix,” and should have a sophomore record in the works for release by the end of 2015. Definitely keep your eyes on the band.

12. Sleep For Sleepers

An old BrokenFM favorite band, Sleep for Sleepers. I actually originally heard of them through BrokenFM myself, a few years ago. Good soft rock. Nuff said.

11. Icon For Hire

For fans of Paramore, Adelaine, Flyleaf… Icon writes female fronted rock, with a good bit of electronic influence. Personally, I enjoy their music, although they put on a WEIRD live show.

10. Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson helped define the punk-rock side of Christian music, and honestly, I wish they were still as popular today as they were 5-10 years ago. Give their entire back-catalog a listen if you’ve never heard of the band, and I’m willing to bet you’ve found a new obsession!

9. Red

Red is a BrokenFM staple. A hard rock band that has EARNED their fans in both the Christian and “secular” markets. I can’t name one album over another, or even one song as a favorite. The band even just released a brand new record recently.

8. Linkin Park

So maybe I’m showing my 2000′ era post-rocker side. Maybe I’m a sucker for some well written lyrics with both a melodic and a harsh side. Maybe your laughing at me for putting this band on my list. Maybe your angry that I think people should know about one of the most influential secular band’s in modern rock. Linkin Park has been a staple in the secular industry for well over 14 years, and even though I’m not a fan of any of their albums after “Hybrid Theory,” I still love what I do.

7. Switchfoot

Heh. Do I even need to say anything?

6. Underoath

Underoath. This is a band that SHOULDN’T be on the list. But yet I put them here well knowing that fact. The reason being is that Underoath has had a MASSIVE personal impact in my life. The band not only introduced me into “Post-hardcore-screamo-heavy-metal” and got me into the heavy scene, but got me through some really tough times. And here’s the funny thing, almost everyone I talk to involved in the current heavy scene, whether fan, band, or record label, ALSO states that Underoath has had a massive impact in their lives. Musically. Lyrically. Focally. Underoath may be the most influential band in the current hardcore scene, and yet there are tons of people in the scene who have never listened to the band. A band that has impacted this many poeple’s lives this much, HAS to have something behind it.

5. Relient K

Relient K is a weird, fun, punk-rock band. I’m willing to bet that everyone who reads this and doesn’t know the band, would recognize one of the band’s singles if they heard it. Relient K is awesome. Go listen to them.

4. P.O.D.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know a lot about P.O.D. I can’t recommend an album, or even a song to listen to. P.O.D. is so high on this list purely out of the immense respect I have for what the band did in the Christian rock scene. If you don’t know the band, check out some interviews, or maybe even watch one of the Documentaries on the band.

3. From Indian Lakes

From Indian Lakes is a weird Indi band from northern California that writes rock infused acoustic music. They are a personal favorite of mine to listen to after a rough day or a loud concert. They have a relaxing feel to their music that anyone can enjoy, and if you want to listen to them for the actual musical components, you won’t be disappointed there either. Lyrically and musically, the band is solid.

2. Thrice

Thrice. Every album. Every song. It boggles my mind when people don’t know Thrice. I’m bamboozled.

1. The Classic Crime

The Classic Crime! Yeah! Seriously, The Classic Crime has to be my favorite rock band ever. Anyone can listen to them, and everyone will love them!


So almost two year’s ago I put together that list, and for the most part, I still agree with it! Today however my top 5 would look something like this:

5. From Indian Lakes

4. Relient K

3. Twenty One Pilots

2. The Classic Crime

1. Thrice

The main change being Twenty One Pilots in the top 5. The band only keeps getting better with every listen I give them, and lyrically, every song is a masterpiece. I WISH I could write, uh, poems? lyrics? Rhymes? I don’t know, WORDS, like how they do. So good.


Thanks for reading, check out the playlist below, and let me know what you think of the list(s)!





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