Project 86 Needs Your Help to Make a New Record

Project 86 has once again taken the crowdfunding route to make their next record. In addition to a new record they will also be producing an acoustic EP. The band is currently writing for the new record and has promised the acoustic tracks will be originals but I also wouldn’t mind an acoustic remix or two of some P86 classics. Maybe they will even play a new acoustic tune when they make their return to The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma March 22nd. If you want to catch the acoustic show you purchase the VIP ticket to the show. We will have to get Andrew Schwab back on for another interview

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5 Years of Broken FM!

Bring the balloons. Throw the streamers. Sing the Happy Birthday song, because today is Broken FM’s 5th birthday. Remember the story of the woman at the well that we read about in the Book of John in the Bible, and how Jesus used her to tell her village about the Messiah. No one would have thought that the Woman would be part of God’s plan to touch people’s lives, yet He used her mightily. So, God uses peculiar people in unconventional ways, just like with this Christian Rock station out of Sonoma County. It’s been much too long since we have written, and we have a lot of exciting and

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